Launched in November 2016, the Xiaomi Mi Mouse is one of the latest devices produced by the prolific brand in order to create a solution for all your tech needs.

It sports an aluminum shell and stands out by having two connection options: Bluetooth and wireless!


Concerning buttons, the Mi Mouse covers all the standard inputs one would expect from a computer mouse. Meaning, a left and right click buttons, plus a middle scroll wheel. All highly responsive and precise.


The Mi Mouse has dual-mode connectivity - Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless with a USB receiver. The bottom side of the mouse has an ON/OFF switch, plus a light button to switch between the two modes, enabling you to use the Mi Mouse with two computers at once!

To use the wireless mode, you first need to open the battery cover (pictured) and remove the USB adapter stored inside between the batteries. Plug the USB to your computer, and then simply press the light button under the Mi Mouse until the light turns green. Once it turns green, the Mi Mouse is ready for use.

As for the Bluetooth connection, you just need to press the light button until it turns blue. After this, check your Bluetooth settings in your computer and pair the Mi Mouse with it once it has been detected.

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